Auto Crete RLC

Foundation Plan
Instant Takeoffs
Total Station Layout
Auto Panel
Above Ground Forming
Footing Forming

Auto Crete Residential and Light Commercial

Foundation Plan includes: 

  • Drawing with Rebar attributes for Footings and Walls, Interior Wall Footings
  • Pier Pads, Spread Footings
  • Pilaster and Corner Pilasters
  • Turndowns and Steps
  • Block Downs
  • Brickledge
  • Beam Pockets
  • Beam Ledges, Windows
  • Window Wells
  • Radius Window Wells
  • Doors
  • Footing Void
  • Ledger
  • Masonry Block
  • Wall Vent
  • Water Line
  • Sewer Line
  • Water Stop
  • Sump
  • Drain Tile
  • Weld Plate
  • Saw Joints
  • Construction Joint
  • Anchor Bolts
  • Straps
  • Simpson Hold Downs

Auto Point Layout Functions Includes: Total Station Point Layout and Extract Files for Handheld PDA’s such as the LM80, Survey and Lot Layout, Excavation Layout for Trencher or Backhoe, with Blow Up, On Center or Shrink Layout Lines. Auto Point can place all points and complete the Text Point file and DXF background file for most drawing in less then 60 Seconds.


Takeoff Capabilities Include: Automatic Takeoff that takes off everything that has been drawn or placed in the drawing in as little as 80 seconds. Takeoffs Include Rebar, Footings, Walls, Interior Footings, Spread Footings, Pier Pads, Flatwork, Turndowns and Steps, Excavation and much more. Manual Takeoff, On Screen Takeoff, Grading Takeoff, Counts Corners, Wall Square Footage, Water Proofing Takeoff, Brickledge by Area or Linear, Excavation Takeoff, Pour Sequence Takeoff, Rebar Takeoff, Estimate Interface.

Wall Forming Capabilities Include: Auto Paneling ANY modular forming system such as Aluminum, Steel Ply and  BEP.


Rebar Takeoff: Allows the user to attach non-visual rebar definitions for instant Rebar takeoffs.


Footing Forming Includes: Form A Drain, EZ Footing Forming, Fine Line Footing Forming, Lumber Footing Forming and Flatwork Forming.