Support, Training and Upgrade

Upgrade and Unlimited Phone and Internet Support Fees


Upgrade from release 28 $2,508.00
Upgrade from release 29 $2,280.00
Upgrade from release 30 $1,780.00
Upgrade from release 31 $1,280.00
Upgrade from release 32 $ 780.00

Requires BricsCad ©. Call for supported version and Price.

  • Estimate Concrete from release 8.0 to 10.0
  • Single User $ 1,695.00
  • Multi User $ 3,495.00

Support Only Per Seat

All Upgrades includes phone and internet support for 1 year from the date of install. Support includes:

  • Installation and Re-Installation of software,
  • Help in start-up, system setup and
  • General explanations of Auto Crete Icon functions.

After the first years support runs out, you can purchase additional support for the following prices:

Auto Crete RLC Pro $ 699.00
Auto Crete Commercial Pro $ 899.00
Auto Panel Residential $ 599.00
Auto Panel Commercial $ 799.00
Auto Panel Metric Com $ 1,099.00
Estimate Concrete (Single user) $ 599.00
Estimate Concrete (Multi user) $ 2,098.00

Companies not on annual support will be charged $386 for 90 Days phone or Internet support.


All included training must be completed within 120 Days of purchase.

Our training sessions are one on one. We do not do Group training.
The following times are based on 27 years of history and advances in programming that make the software easier to learn and operate. The following times will vary from user to user but are close to the time it actually takes to learn each software.

Software  Average Training Time
Auto Crete RLC Pro 6 Hrs.
 Auto Crete Commercial Pro 10 Hrs.
 Auto Panel Residential 4 Hrs.
 Auto Panel Commercial 6 Hrs.
  Auto Panel Metric Com 6 Hrs.

All free training must be completed within 1 year of purchase.

Additional Pre-Paid Training

  • Internet Training Only
  • Minimum 1 hr: $165
4 Hrs $600.00
6 Hrs. $840.00
8 Hrs $1,000.00

Training in your office: 2 Days-8 hours max @ $ 165 per hr. $1,320.00 (Minimum Charge) + Expenses. Additional training will be charged at $ 180 per hour + Expenses.

Weekend Training: Training on weekends is available at a rate of $ 190 per hour with a minimum 8 hour charge + expenses.

Expenses Include but are not limited to the following: Air Fare, Hotel, Fuel and $ 40 per day food allowance.