Commercial Takeoff

Foundation Plan

Total Station Layout

Instant Takeoffs
Auto Panel
Monolithic Forming
Above Ground Forming
Radius and Tank
Gang Forming
Footing Forming

Takeoff Capabilities Include:

  • Automatic Takeoff that takes off everything that has been drawn
    or placed in the drawing in as little as 80 seconds.
  • Takeoffs Include Rebar, Footings, Walls, Interior Footings, Spread Footings, Pier Pads, Flatwork, Turndowns and Steps, Excavation and much more.
  • Manual Takeoff
  • On Screen Takeoff
  • Grading Takeoff
  • Counts Corners
  • Wall Square Footage
  • Water Proofing Takeoff
  • Brickledge by Area or Linear
  • Excavation Takeoff
  • Pour Sequence Takeoff
  • Rebar Takeoff
  • Estimate
  • Quick Quote Interface

Rebar Takeoff: Allows the user to attach non-visual rebar definitions for instant Rebar takeoffs