Auto Crete RLC

Auto Crete software products are Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs that are easy to learn and are used for creating drawings specifically designed for the concrete industry.

These drawings include, but are not limited to: Foundation Plans, Total Station Layouts, Instant Takeoffs, Concrete Forming layouts, Footing Forming and much more.

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Foundation Plans

Foundation Plans can include Block Outs for Garage Doors, Windows, Window Wells, Brick Ledge, Ledger, Quick Block Dimensions, Auto Dimension, Standardized Dimensions, and Diagonal Dimensions.

Auto Point Layout

Total Station Point Layout and Extract Files for Laptops and Tablets, Excavation Layout for Trencher or Backhoe, with Blow Up, On Center or Shrink Layout Lines. Auto Point can place all points and complete the Text Point file and DXF background file for most drawing in less than 60 Seconds.


Auto Takeoff: This process takes off everything that has been drawn or placed in the drawing in as little as 20 seconds. Takeoffs can Include, Footings, Walls in linear or Sq. Feet, Flatwork, Grading, Interior Footings, Spread Footings, Pier Pads, Columns, Caissons, Turndowns and Steps, Water Proofing, and much more.

Additional Takeoffs include: Wall Square Footage, Rebar Takeoff in Linear, Pounds and Count, Excavation Takeoff that includes the Excavation-Backfill and Haul Off.

Pour Sequence

This function is used to schedule the Concrete by pour including Waste Factors and rounding to the ¼ or ½ Cubic Yard.

Wall Forming

Includes: Auto and Manual Paneling of “any” modular forming system such as Aluminum, Steel Ply and SymPly. Available in both Imperial and Metric measurements.

Footing Forming

Includes Form A Drain, EZ Footing Forming, Pro Form HD, Fine Line Footing Forming, Lumber Footing Forming and Flatwork Forming. Each can generate the takeoff of materials required.

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