Estimate Concrete Software

NOTE: Estimate Concrete with Bid Tracker Spy requires the Purchase of Auto Crete RLC or COM with support.

Using Auto Crete's takeoff data interface or using the Get Assembly, Estimate Concrete Software is the ultimate and fastest way to control your estimating.

Estimate Concrete Software is an assembly-based estimating software that can include costs of material, labor, labor burden, profit and overhead to customize quotes. The Quote Total screen allows for a review of the full quote.

Default settings for labor hourly rates and labor burden safeguards the user and allows for consistent bidding.

Estimate Concrete Software allows the user to build multiple price lists based on builders, price of concrete, distance of travel, custom and tract housing and light commercial.

Quote Update allows the user to modify quotes instantly from increases and decreases in cost of material and/or labor for one single quote or group of quotes simultaneously.

Estimate Concrete Software can merge multiple quotes together to customize start-specific quotes.

This user-friendly software will add the cost of materials with waste, cost of labor with burden, profit and overhead and using assemblies to allow bidding much faster than with conventional methods with greater accuracy.

Quote Reports include: multiple layouts and logo insertion for customer quotes, bill of material summary, bill of material by pour, concrete by pour, labor by pour, general materials list and assembly code list.

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