Why It’s Worthwhile to Upgrade Your Auto Crete Software

For 35 years, every month without fail we get calls from our Auto Crete users who want to know what is new and why they should upgrade their software.

Auto Crete is one of the largest programs for Concrete and Foundation Contractors in the world. We develop not only for the U.S. (Imperial), but also for companies outside of the U.S. This means that we develop software for both the Imperial and Metric systems.

So, sometimes we don’t introduce new features, but instead improve current functions by making them faster and easier to learn and use. Specifically, this might mean taking a command and instead of using five steps to complete a function, we cut it down to one or two steps. It’s what we at GDB Software refer to as a single select command. This helps you stay as efficient and productive as possible when you use Auto Crete RLC or Auto Crete Commercial.

With the advent of our use of BricsCAD since 2016, we have had to frequently modify programming in Auto Crete to allow users to move into their newer platforms.

Every time a CAD software company comes out with a new release, we have numerous modifications to adjust in Auto Crete so all the functions in the programs work correctly.

With 1786 commands in Auto Crete, it makes updating programing very time-consuming!

Future development is what keeps companies like ours ahead of the competition, and this costs money. We rely on upgrades to help us develop new features, and also depend on user requests and feedback when developing software upgrades.